Naturkost Brinkman

Naturkost Brinkman

Warburg, Germany

Naturkost Brinkman interior

Naturkost Brinkman is a successful organic specialist retailer. In 2017, the company embarked on a store expansion programme to create additional retail space and to accommodate new customer and staff facilities.

A primary focus for the company was the adoption of new future-proof, reliable and innovating technologies to increase energy efficiency and to provide an enhanced shopping experience for customers. 

"The Daikin concept was a perfect fit with our desire to use the waste heat from the refrigeration cabinets. We considered other solutions, but Daikin's concept was ultimately the most economical"

- Gerrit Brinkman, Naturkost Brinkman

All round solution

Naturkost Brinkman opted for Daikin's plug-in Conveni-Pack combined system. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of food retailers, Conveni-Pack offers a total solution which integrates refrigeration, freezing, air conditioning and ventilation in one compact unit, making it an ideal replacement solution.

Integral heat recovery technology enables the redistribution of waste heat from the refrigeration units to the store’s retail areas. Plug and play functionality assures fast installation, with high operational reliability offering low maintenance costs for the customer.

A Daikin VRV IV air-to-air heat pump system provides additional heating to the store, offices, social areas and toilets. A total of eight indoor units are connected to the VRV system.

Redistribution of waste heat Naturkost Brinkman

Low noise systems

Sound absorbers in the machinery room ventilation system

Due to the location of the store in the densely populated city centre of Warburg, there were stringent requirements in terms of noise protection. “We installed all the refrigeration equipment inside the building, in the newly created machinery room. Sound absorbers were also integrated into the machinery room ventilation system,” explains Franko Bitaris of Friedrich Hertel Kälte & Klimatechnik GmbH & Co.KG.

Environmentally-friendly building technology

With the new refrigeration and air-conditioning technology in place, Naturkost Brinkman is well positioned for the future. The intelligent use of renewable heat pump technology and waste heat recovery makes it possible to use energy in a resource-saving way, focusing on the environmental aspect while saving on energy costs.

The Daikin intelligent Touch Manager controller ensures efficient operation and further reduces energy consumption.

Naturkost Brinkman Daikin intelligent Touch Manager

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