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Zome Central hub with multi use offices

Choosing VRV 5 was an easy choice: technologically superior, higher energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Find out why VRV 5 was the preferred choice for the customer and the installer!

An international estate agency network with strong presence in Portugal and Spain, Zome offers a unique concept through their real estate hubs. These hubs are modern and agile spaces where professional consultants and their experienced support teams work to offer a personalised experience to customers.

Zome has been a customer of ventilation and air conditioning specialists Frivenco for many years. Daikin’s advanced technology, brand recognition and product quality has established Daikin as a trusted partner for both Zome and Frivenco, which seeks to supply clients with market-leading climate control solutions.



For the hub in the Paço de Arcosin, in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, flexibility was key in selecting the air conditioning system. The hub concept calls for modern and agile spaces with multi-functional rooms, and a layout that encompasses a range of room sizes with different types of occupation and use. Finding a solution that offered maximum sustainability was also essential in aligning with the company’s brand values which include future thinking and the application of advanced technologies.


Inside the ZOME hub in Lisbon

The Lisbon hub offices include a large co-working space where visiting Zome network consultants can work, a training room and team offices. In addition to a reception area, there are also several other communal use areas, including a break-out room where people can relax and eat and a recreational space for children.

Part of Daikin’s Bluevolution portfolio of products using R-32, Daikin’s latest VRV 5 S-Series was recommended by Frivenco and unreservedly supported by Zome as a technically superior option which fulfilled the brief for versatility, space usage and sustainability


“The VRV 5 system was a natural choice for Zome: technologically superior, the system delivers higher energy efficiency while offering environmental stability, contributing to a better climate for our planet”.


The Zome hub in Lisbon from the air

Flexible configuration and installation

One of the constraints for the Zome installation was its city centre location, which meant the outdoor units could not exceed a certain height. With a single fan, and a compact case measuring just 95 cm in height, the units were invisible once installed behind a metre-high ledge directly above the space to be air-conditioned.

Compared to the previous R410A units, Frivenco found the VRV 5 S-Series units were faster and easier to install. Built-in lifting handles enabling transport and positioning by just two people without the need for additional lifting equipment.

One of the key advantages of the VRV 5 S-Series for Frivenco was its unique VRV web express design tool which offers consultants and installers a convenient, and quick approach to system design and installation at every stage of the project and covering all applications.

The VRV design software ensures the selected equipment is compliant with the product-specific safety standards for heat pumps according to IEC60335-2-40: Ed.6. The advanced Shîrudo technology, unique to Daikin, opens up the power of VRV for surface areas down to as little as 10 m2, an important consideration for Zome with its smaller meeting rooms. Factory installed measures included in the VRV 5 S-Series provide additional flexibility, allowing R-32 to be used in smaller spaces without the need for additional modifications or equipment to be added on-site. Other R-32 VRF systems without this technology can only be used in rooms with a surface area of 28.6 m2 or more.

Daikin’s VRV units are computability with a range of indoor unit options. The Lisbon hub is serviced by three VRV 5 S-Series outdoor units with a capacity of 4.5 and 6 HP. Inside, 4 fully flat cassettes and four concealed ceiling units provide an unobtrusive accompaniment which blends in with the offices to preserve the open feel and modern design aesthetics.


Reducing energy cost with Daikin's intelligent Touch Manager

Reducing energy costs

R-32 has a lower environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions, while offering higher energy efficiency and cost savings compared to equivalent solutions using R410A. Requiring a smaller refrigerant charge, R-32 is easier to handle and recycle. The advanced VRV 5 S-Series also includes new components designed to offer further savings in the form of real-life seasonal energy efficiencies, including a new swing compressor and compact 3-row heat exchanger.

Smart controls enable improved energy management to keep running costs and energy consumption low. Daikin’s Intelligent Touch Manager allows centralised control of all units via a touch-screen tablet, while the company’s advanced wall-mounted Madoka controllers offer an elegant solution with fingertip control to allow room by room adjustment to suit different occupants and uses.

Providing all-round invisible control, the VRV 5 Series delivers a sustainable climate control solution that ensures a comfortable environment all year round.