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Residential property with home office

Compact and providing a monovalent heating solution for the house. Discover how VRV 5 provides the ideal solution for this villa with home office.

New Build Residential/Home Office

Warsaw, Poland

The owner of a new build residential property in the Kaminos Forest on the outskirts of Warsaw wanted an all-round solution to provide climate control for his home and a separate office area. Finding a sustainable solution with a low environmental impact was a prime driver in the selection process and led to the decision to invest in a heat pump.



Installer Budomat reviewed several options with the client including a multi system and VRV system with R-410A refrigerant before settling on the client’s preferred choice of Daikin’s VRV 5 S-Series which uses the refrigerant R-32.


“Daikin’s VRV 5 S-Series provided the owner with the sustainability and performance he was looking for as a complete package. For us as installers, this next generation VRV solution offered the flexibility to customise the system easily to meet both residential and home office needs.”

- Pawel Szuchnik, Owner, Budomat -


Daikin VRV 5 S-series unit

Sustainability with outstanding energy efficiency

The completely new VRV 5 S-Series represents the next generation in heating and air conditioning solutions This installation illustrates perfectly the role heat pumps can play in realising the EU’s strategy to decarbonise homes and buildings, by offering comfortable, low-carbon monovalent heating and cooling.

The single component refrigerant R-32 delivers superior energy efficiency yet has a low environmental impact with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just one third compared to common solutions using R-410A. Requiring 15% less refrigerant, R-32 is also easier to handle and recycle, offering the sustainability sought by the homeowner.

Incorporating all latest technological developments, the VRV 5 S-series has been developed to provide top sustainability over its entire lifecycle, with features including a new swing compressor, delivering high real-life seasonal efficiencies and a compact three row exchange that achieves further energy savings.

Thanks to its refrigerant containment capabilities and reduced refrigerant charge, in most cases, the VRV-5 S-Series does not require an annual leak check - a specific requirement of the homeowner in choosing a system.


VRV 5 S-series flat ceiling cassette

Maximum flexibility and comfort

The extremely compact size and low height of the VRV 5 S-Series means the system is easy to conceal. In this case, the outdoor unit was wall-mounted to the side of the house in an unobtrusive position. VRV 5 can be combined with a range of indoor units, which made it the ideal choice for this dual-purpose home. Daikin’s fully flat ceiling cassettes provide an elegant, minimalist solution in the home office space, while in the bedrooms, concealed ceiling units present a neat, streamlined appearance.

Incorporating Daikin’s unique Shîrudo technology, the VRV 5 system opens up the benefits of VRV technology for applications with smaller room sizes. Factory integrated measures enable rooms with a surface area down to 10 m2 to be included with no need for on-site customisation or additional equipment, while complying with the latest heat pump specific standard IEC60335-2-40: Ed.6. Other R-32 VRF systems without this technology can only be used in rooms with a surface area of 28.6 m2 or more.

The VRV 5 S-Series provides year-round comfort for homeowners, innovative technology such as Variable Refrigerant Temperature ensures constant temperatures with no draughts.

The innovative asymmetric fan design with additional low sound modes featured in the
VRV 5 S-Series delivers whisper quiet operation at a sound level of 39 db(A), providing tranquil daytime working conditions and peaceful nights.


Designed with people in mind

With its compact size and low height, the VRV 5 S-Series unit is the easiest mini VRV system unit yet for transportation, installation and maintenance. Ergonomically designed carrying handles and lightweight casing assist with lifting and positioning the unit in place, while a clear seven-segment display makes configuration fast and simple. Industry-leading serviceability is assured, with a wide opening area making it easy to reach all components and accessible service ports.

Smart controls with intuitive online and voice-activated control complete the package. allowing the homeowners to adjust the system to their personal needs and comfort levels.