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Perial Asset Management

Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Milestone HVAC refurbishment delivers sustainability through L∞P by Daikin, re-using reclaimed refrigerant for both factory charge and trim charges


Daikin France has delivered the first HVAC system in France using also recovered refrigerant for the field charge. It is an extention of the L∞P by Daikin circular program, introduced in 2019 and increasingly being taken up by companies looking to make their business greener through the recovery, reclaim and reuse of the refrigerant in their buildings.

Working with Perial Asset Management (Perial AM), Daikin  installed new VRV units with reclaimed refrigerant  at their office building, while recycling the R-410A refrigerant from the old units to use it as field charge for the new system. Daikin is the only manufacturer in the market able to offer customers a holistic approach to reusing their own refrigerant in new projects via its L∞P by Daikin recover-reclaim-reuse program.

Perial AM manages a diverse real estate portfolio mainly located in France and increasingly in Europe. The company is committed to the reduction of energy and water consumption as part of a continuous improvement process, supported by a Sustainable Development team comprising internal and external auditors.

The  arrival of new tenants GEMA ESI BUSINESS SCHOOL (environmental business school)  spurred Perial AM’s decision to carry out renovation work at an office building in
Boulogne-Billancourt, in order to meet Perial AM's CSR objectives .

Constructed in the 1990’s, the refurbished building extends over a surface area of 4,200 m² comprising the ground floor and seven stories, including offices and the creation of a 1,800 m² ERP area.

Following a joint study by the Sustainable Development Team, building systems consultants BET ID Fluides, installer Semeru and Daikin, it was decided to install eight new L∞P by Daikin VRV heat pump units for the ground, first and second floors. Unique to Daikin, these units use reclaimed refrigerant allocation, thus avoiding virgin refrigerant production, in line with Perial AM’s environmental objectives.

Loop by Daikin - Logo

L∞P by Daikin has minimised both the direct and indirect impact of the building, not only through appearance and system efficiency but also resource reuse.

Aiming to become the new industry benchmark, L∞P by Daikin is assisting clients in reaching their sustainability goals.

Project requirements

Air conditioning
Air curtain
Air purification
Hot water

Year of installation


Installed systems

  • L∞P by Daikin VRV heat 
  • Roundflow Cassettes
  • iTouch Manager

Minimizing environmental impact in every way

Perial and Daikin conceived a refurbishment plan to maximise reuse and minimise energy consumption, reducing both the direct and indirect environmental impact of the building refurbishment and operations.

The first step was the recovery and recycling of the R-410A refrigerant from the old VRV units at Daikin's headquarters in Nanterre, to be used for top-up charging of the new installation. 

The eight new L∞P by Daikin VRV heat pump units, sited behind screens for the acoustic and visual comfort of the occupants, have reclaimed refrigerant allocated, meaning that the whole installation reused refrigerant, saving 156 kgs of virgin refrigerant production.

Furthermore, thermal coatings were installed on the glazing to the south-facing façade to improve summer comfort for building occupants, effectively lowering interior temperatures by 2°C, while more efficient systems lead to a 28% decrease in energy use.

Completing the system, Daikin’s Intelligent Touch Manager provides smart control to assist in tracking and optimising energy consumption centrally, while ensuring individual comfort.

To further assist with recycling objectives, viable parts from the old units have been stored on site in the underground parking area of the building. These will be reused as replacement parts for the existing units serving floors three through seven.
All these actions, amongst others, led to BREEAM

In-Use certification, recognising Perial AM’s achievements and providing added value for the lease of the building.

For more information on L∞P by Daikin visit:

Indoor unit with concealed ceiling

Indoor units are concealed within the ceiling, providing a discreet solution that blends with the newly renovated, modern interiors.

BREEAM certificate

BREEAM In-Use certification awarding the efforts done by Perial AM and providing added value for the lease of the building.

Daikin Loop outdoor units

The L∞P by Daikin VRV IV outdoor units supporting the reuse of refrigerant.

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