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A new era for oil heating - DEU18-018


The new A2 oil-condensing boiler takes oil heating into a new era, providing a complete, integrated central heating and hot water solution that offers round the clock comfort and responsiveness, ensuring availability while optimising energy usage, whatever the weather.

Daikin has announced the introduction of the A2 oil condensing boiler, which completes its range of solutions for boiler replacement and the modernisation of heating systems. The low weight and compact dimensions of the new A2, combined with its potential for integration with other heating options plus ease of handling and installation offer a market-beating combination.

The A2 maximizes the energy efficiency through its best-in-class wide modulation range ensuring ultra-convenient hot water production in high-end bathrooms and showers. Lower oil consumption is guaranteed, which in turn enables the use of smaller oil tanks, freeing up storage spaces.

Better by design: higher efficiency

Available with output capacities of 18 kW, 24 kW and 32 kW, the A2 oil condensing boiler incorporates a range of new design features.

Innovative waste-gas turbulators within the body of the boiler offer further energy savings through improved heat transfer efficiency and reduce the risk of harmful emissions.

The A2 comes with an updated controller with an intuitive menu navigation and advanced design enabling operating parameters and comfort settings to be read and adjusted easily on the boiler display or remotely via the app.

Additionally, room controllers can be added to the heating system if required. The app gives access to a wide range of options, with a range of programmable settings and other features including advanced weather updates. What’s more, the advanced control system allows technicians to monitor key system parameters at a glance and modify them as needed.

Best-in-class modulation range

The A2 high modulation range provides continuous automatic adjustment of heat output in line with weather conditions and usage patterns.

Featuring the Intelligent Storage Management (ISM), the new A2 oil-condensing boiler provides a modulation ratio of 1:64 (32 kW), achieving further energy savings and extended boiler life, when compared to a conventional operating ratio of 1:2.5. This ensures a constant supply of heating and hot water, even where heating requirements are as low as 500 watts, while guaranteeing energy efficiency and reliability.

Fit-anywhere replacement solution

With its attractive combination of compact dimensions - it has a footprint of just 0.45 m² - and low weight, the A2 offers maximum flexibility and easy installation even in the smallest of spaces. Removable exterior panels reduce the weight of the unit to facilitate on site handling and positioning. In addition, the interchangeable flue gas pipe can be installed either to the top or back of the unit.

Significantly lower energy consumption allows the use of smaller oil tanks, enabling better use of space and creating more room.

Our in-house produced oil storage tanks offer easy integration with the A2, featuring a double-wall, odour-blocking design (TITEC – Tighting Technology) that enables oil to be stored right next to the boiler for added convenience.

When used with our thermal stores, the boiler can also be combined with our solar thermal system or with a wood-burning stove with a water chamber, offering more freedom of choice in system configuration with minimal chimney refurbishment.


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