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Indoor air quality

Compact and affordable – New Daikin MC30Y air purifier for small homes, hotel rooms and retail-shops

Press Release, July 2022

With most of us spending more than 90% of our time indoors the quality of air that we breathe in has become a hot topic – at home, at work or during leisure time. The latest addition to the Daikin family of air purifiers is MC30Y, a low maintenance solution that helps improving indoor air quality of smaller rooms. With a HEPA filter lifetime of up to ten years and an affordable price it is an investment that pays off.

Vienna, July 2022 – The principle is simple: Daikin air purifiers clean and recirculate the air, improving indoor air quality by refreshing stale air, reducing odors and capturing airborne contaminants including pollutants, dust and dirt, pollen, germs and viruses. They are a tried and tested means to provide healthier indoor air environments and are especially beneficial to asthma or allergy sufferers but also to pet owners or smokers.


Compact and affordable - the new Daikin MC30Y air purifier that fits in every small room, Copyrights Daikin Central Europe

“Even though air quality in the EU has improved over the past two decades due to increasing awareness of the impact of air pollution on human health, many urban areas in Central and South-Eastern Europe are still showing very poor air quality in air quality rankings which are regularly published by the European Environment Agency.1) Furthermore, the majority of existing and new-built homes do not have ventilation and/or air purification systems in use. Daikin air purifiers could be a simple, compact and affordable solution to improving indoor air quality”, says Bruno Zrno, General Manager SBU Residential, Daikin Central Europe, who is responsible for 16 countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe.


Daikin MC30Y air purifier. The best choice for whom?

  • The new Daikin MC30Y air purifier is perfect for small single flats, bedrooms, children rooms, hotel rooms, small cafés or meeting rooms to effectively reduce the concentration of bacteria, viruses, pollen and airborne contaminants in the air with airflow rates of up to 180 cubic meters per hour. In turbo mode operation it is suitable for rooms of  up to 46 square meters (according to the NRCC 54013 standard).
  • Despite its small dimensions (450 x 270 x 270 mm), the unit is housing advanced Daikin technology in a compact white space-saving casing and fits in every room.
  • The new air purifier is one of the most quiet units on the European market with a noise level of 19 dB(A)2) in quiet mode which is comparable to whispering or rustling leaves. An inbuilt “sleep” mode ensures a peaceful rest during night by setting the fan to the lowest speed for the next eight hours, after which the unit resumes normal operation. 

Catch, cycle and clean – how Daikin MC30Y air purifier works

Daikin air purifiers operate on a double purification method which utilizes the company’s patented Flash Streamer technology to decompose harmful airborne contaminants caught by an electrostatic HEPA-filter. This smart approach captures and removes pollutants and allergens in 3 easy steps:

Catch – The air purifier draws in air from a wide area from three directions.

Cycle – The high-performance electrostatic HEPA filter traps up to 99% of particles between 0.1 µm and 2.5 µm.3) It collects dust more efficiently without clogging and with no pressure loss.

Clean – Daikin’s unique Flash Streamer technology uses plasma discharge to eliminate harmful and dangerous substances caught on the filter through oxidation.


Catch-Cycle-Clean - the principle of Daikin MC30Y air purifier

No maintenance costs for at least ten years

An integral deodorizing filter absorbs and removes odors, while an inlet at the bottom of the front panel collects harmful substances at floor level. There is no need to replace the deodorizing filter during the unit’s lifetime and the electrostatic HEPA filter lasts for up to ten years, making the Daikin MC30Y air purifier an investment that pays off.

Learn more about Daikin Flash Streamer technology

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Look also at the European city air quality viewer — European Environment Agency (


References and abbreviations:
1) Air quality in Europe 2021 — European Environment Agency (
2) dB(A) = A-weighted decibels takes into account the frequencies the human ear doesn't perceive
3) µm = micrometer
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