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Daikin Psychrometrics Diagram Viewer

Daikin Psychrometrics Diagram Viewer - Functionalities

See and use the properties of moist air in changing conditions

Daikin offers the Daikin Psychrometric Diagram Viewer free of charge and is meant for world wide distribution.  
This tool is intented to support all professionals and students involved in air conditioning, knowing the properties of "the air that we process".  


  • Find all properties of the most air condition with only an input of two conditions (i.e. dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, dew point, relative humidity, absolute himidity, enthalpy, density, specific volume and pressure)
  • Indicate psychrometric data by hovering over the diagram
  • View plot points on the graph and zoom in to the related part of the screen
  • Select your preferred view (Psychrometrics or Mollier)
  • Set the preferred units to SI or Imperial
  • Show and hide sets of lines
  • Perform several actions by working with "points" like: connecting points, mix air volumes, adding heating/cooling capacity, humidify using water or steam, cool to saturation, dehumidify,.... 
  • Save, open and print your projects
Daikin Psychrometrics Diagram Viewer - Functionalities


  • The tool includes a 37 pages manual, found within the About section
  • Next to this you can find a Quick Start video to your left