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Product Planning Officer

Location: Ghent Office

AA Tower, Technologiepark 19, 9052 Zwijnaarde

The EMEA Development Centre develops products for the different product pillars of Daikin and for the different factories in Europe. To be able to make the correct developments especially for the controls products for it, a good knowledge of the market is necessary for the different regions (Europe, upcoming markets and the Middle-East). This is the responsibility of the Control Device Marketing section under the EMEA electric controls department, based in Ghent.

Job Content

As Product Planning Officer within the Device Controle marketing section, you are responsible for a wide variety of activities:

  • Market research to discover new development needs from Control products point of view. What is the market need for our products? which new products need to be developed? How do existing products need to be adapted?
  • To make clear the products concept and strategy, you also need to evaluate the competitors' products as detailed as possible. The clear SWOT analysis for our new product and competitor's products is necessary.
  • Additionally, you also need te evaluate the existing products how is it sales on going, and analyse the good sales point and find out the improvement point for more the sales succes going forward.
  • Once  the development needs are clear, first requirements need to be drafted. You translate your findings into a developable product.
  • You also make a commercial analysis on the developable products. What sales can be expected? and because of this, which development needs to have focus? You also need to involve several stakeholders and departments to make clear the business model.
  • Together with the EMEA Development Centre (Unit development department), you make a first development schedule, taking into account manpower, workload of the development team, ...
  • You document your strategy and follow-up. You als present this to management.
  • At the end of the development process you play an important role in the commercialisation of the products. You support the marketing managers of the different regions (europe, upcoming markets and Middle-East) with the launch of the products;

These activities are not only done for the development site in Ostend, but you also support the development groups abroad (Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany). You are in close contact with the different developments team and with the marketing managers of our affliates.


  • You are an engineer with strong economic interest or an economist with technical interest.
  • You have strong analytic skills, technical and sales related.
  • you are e born diplomat with excellent socail, technical and communicative skills.
  • Good knowledge of English is a must.
  • You are willing to travel up to 25% of your time in order to get to know the market.
  • Good knowledge or basic skill or knowledge to understand or absorb the state of art IoT technology.
  • Prefer to have the good knowledge of our control products specification. 

At Daikin you can count on a varied job, with an international market leader which encourages people to work together and develop. We can offer you a permanent contract. From the very beginning you can count on thorough training and intensive support. Your competitive salary is complemented by a package of extra-legal benefit, a car can be part of the package .